LD 1095 - "For-Profit Corporate (CCA) Prison Bill" 
UPDATE: Bill was carried over to 2012 and then defeated!      See more

LD 690 - Inmates & Families Seek Change 
in Out-of-State Transfers Bangor Daily News
UPDATE: With M-PAC in agreement, this Bill did not pass. In its place -- a  Policy between M-PAC and DOC to facilitate a way to bring Exiles home!  To date two exiles have returned under the policy, while two have been turned down and told to reapply after a year.  M-PAC volunteers, led by Ron Huber, have worked tirelessly on behalf of these transferred inmates and their Maine families. They are presently planning needed revisions to the policy. If you're interested in assisting, please email maineprisoneradvocacy@yahoo.co

Whistleblower Returns: Maine a Prison-Reform
Model Prodigal Sons - Lance Tapley, The Portalnd Phoenix


Prison whistleblower to return 
to Maine
Lance Tapley, Portland Phoenix

Brown, ailing, to return soon Lance Tapley, Portland Phoenix

Whistleblower Asks to come home Lance Tapley, 
Portland Phoenix

Prisoners find their way back to Maine after transfers out-of-state Heather Steeves, BDN - Sun Journal

Arty and Pam Belanger stood on either
side of their son, Arthur Belanger, at
Maine State Prison on Thanksgiving 

Photo courtesy of Pam and  Arty Belanger

Women settle in Prison Guard Sex Case 
Ann S.Kim, Portland Press Herald.
'Bath Salts' Hysteria Grips Lawmakers 
Lance Tapley, The Portland Phoenx
Senator Collins Helps Derail Prison Reform
Lance Tapley, The Portland Phoenix
Maine Prisoners Sue to End Use of Locker Padlocks AJ Higgins, MPBN

 Stephen Betts, Knox Village Soup
Gang-buster bill gets dissed
Tattoos As A Criminal Act
Lance Tapley, The Portland Phoenix
Anti-gang bill dumped : State House Switcheroo  Lance Tapley, The Portland Phoenix
Ongoing News
Keep yourself up to date right here on 
"Ongoing News"
M-PAC Logo by Lil Ed

Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition
L.D. 1500: 
-- Listen:  MPBN: Maine Lawmaker Proposes Restoring State's Parole System  Criminal Justice Committee voted against Parole. Please write to your reps to ask for parole in the next legislative session

-- Listen: LD 1500 - Parole Bill Hearing   
(First section)  (Second section)

-- Maine Voices Parole, Jeff Libby, Bangor Daily News : Maine should restore parole, home confinement to cut crowding, recidivism:  These programs work well in other states, yet Maine doesn't take advantage of them. Why?

LD 1163 A Resolve to Reform the Treatment of  Prisoners in Solitary Confinement 
Resolve did not pass. In its place, a Committee, including M-PAC members, is working with MDOC on policy changes in the SMU (supermax) MHU (mental health unit) and general prisoner policies). M-PAC is monitoring progress closely.  See more at Solitary Confinement.

LD 168 - Medical Exams: Prisoner deaths prompt 
call for transparency Bangor Daily News  
UPDATEBill passed!  And it's working: Police say prisoner may have died of natural causes
MPAC'S Legislative Work
 Blogs - Maine Inmates Speak
Blog: Voices from the CracksWhispers from our incarcerated,
Sophie Inchains  (From Henry, MSP): "Please encourage friends, family, and the public to become interested in what happens here at the prison. It's possible with all your support and sense of direction we can end this counterproductive giant that oppresses and destroys people's lives into an effective process that inspires and encourages them to overcome their shortfalls.  We believe with the right guidance amazing change can happen that will produce fruitful lives for all, including society."   NB: This wonderful blog was blocked for inmate writers by MDOC policies.  It has now been partially restored.

Bob Wire: Stories from Windham

The Political Prisoner Blog: 


Harmless Error Blogspot
Luke Rioux, Esq

Maine State Prison warden fired Bangor Daily News,
Stephen Betts and Alex Barber

Records show high number of incidents, overtime at state prison preceded management change
Stephen Betts, Bangor Daily News

Listen: Commissioner Defends Firing of Maine State Prison Warden Susan Sharon, MPBN

Listen: Shock Waves Continue to Reverberate After Warden Dismissed, Susan Sharon, MPBN
But the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition has a different perspective on the situation.

Why the Prison warden got fired,
Lance Tapley, Portland Phoenix

Dismissed Maine State Prison warden remains on state payroll, Stephen Betts, Bangor Daily 

Plan to close Maine prison center draws concern Eric Russell, Portland Press Herald

Ponte’s prison reforms ramp up
Two Years Later Lance Tapley, The Portland Phoenix  

Listen: Maine Finance Chief Takes Blame for Illegal Property Sale to Prison Warden A.J. Higgins, MPBN

Our View: Maine prison warden's land buy void, but how did it occur?  
Portland Press Herald

Bill Nemitz: What we have here, is a failure to communicate
Bill Nemitz, Portland Press Herald

Listen: Maine Lawmakers Dismayed over Sale of State Property to Prison Warden
A.J. Higgins, MPBN

Investigation Sought into State Land Sale 
Thomas Bell, Portland Press 

State buys back land from warden, lost $2,000 on the deal
Heather Steeves, BDN

Officials who approved 
controversial sale retires
Tom Bell, Morning Sentinel

Coutesy of PPH/AP-MSP Warden Patricia Barnhart
Maine's Jail Problems

York County corrections officer accused of driving drunk
Ryan McLaughlin, Bangor Daily News

2nd Knox County jail guard accused of sex assaults against female inmate
Stephen Betts, Bangor Daily News

Former Knox County Jail guard charged with sexually assaulting inmate Stephen Betts, Bangor Daily News

Woman says guard forced her to have sex in Knox County Jail
Stephen Betts, Bangor Daily News

Hancock County prosecutor admits violating bar rules in sexual assault trial
Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News

Judge to decide whether Hancock County prosecutor faces unprecedented suspension
Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News

Board recommends suspension for Hancock County prosecutor Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News

Bar to hold disciplinary hearing on Hancock County prosecutor  Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News

Man acquitted of rape testifies against prosecutor at misconduct hearing Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News


AG’s office takes on Washington County jail fund investigation Jay Walsh, Bangor Daily News

Jail clerk fired for alleged misappropriation of Washington County inmate funds Tom Walsh, Bangor Daily News

Report: Lingerie, cookbooks, cell phone bills paid for with Washington County inmates’ benefit fundTom Walsh, Bangor Daily News

2 Washington County Jail officials suspended while authorities probe possible misuse of funds  Tom Walsh, Bangor Daily News

Moving prisoners back to Somerset not positive, Kevin J. Collins, Maine State Prison, Warren

Shortage of Beds for Mentally Ill Prisoners Poses Problem
Jay Field, MPBN

Wrong pay, no stay
Doug Harlow, Kennebeck Journal

"Nobody Really Sat Down and Said 'He's a sick guy, Let's see What we can do to Make him Better'"
Jennifer Osborn, Fenceviewer, EA

Listen: Cumberland County Corrections Officer's Arrest Raises Hiring and Training Questions  Josie Huang, MPBN

County jail officer charged with assaulting inmate  
David Hench, Portland Press Herald 

Watch: ACLU of Maine sues guards at Portland jail alleging beating of immigrant
Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News

Watch: Maine ACLU files lawsuit against jail guards
Ann Kim, Portland Press Herald

Jail officers indicted after complaint by inmate 
Ann S. Kim, Portland Press Herald

Watch: 4 York County Officers Indicted WMTW TV

Police brutality civil case settled out of court for $725,000 
Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News

Former Hancock County Jail officer serving 60 days for $10,000 theft  Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News

MDOC Medical Care Changes

Maine’s spending on prisoner health drops but remains among highest in country  Stephen Betts, Bangor Daily News

Maine curbing per-prisoner health care costs - A study also shows huge increases elsewhere, including a 300 percent rise in New Hampshire. David Hench, Portland Press Herald

Privatized Prison Med Care is Sick
Lance Tapley, The Portand Phoenix

Report Finds Deficiencies in Health Care Services for Maine Inmates 
Eric Russell, BDN

Listen: Prison Health Care Contractor Under Scrutiny  A.J. Higgins, MPBN

Important New Decision on Med Care 
Zach Heiden, MCLU

U.S. Court of Appeals (Maine)
Leavitt v CMS et al

More Recent News
The Price of Prisons: Maine
What Incarceration Costs Taxpayers
Vera Institute of Justice
Daniel Dunkle, Village Soup
Listen:  Maine Prisons to Plan Expansions   
MPBN by Tom Porter 
Hancock County Assistant DA, Mary Kellett
Hancock County Assistant DA, 
Mary Kellett
Earlier News
MSP Warden, 
Patricia Barnhart                  
Plan to close Maine prison center draws concern Eric Russell, Portland Press Herald
Art, Pam and Arthur Belanger at Maine State Prison on Thanksgiving 2011
 "2nd Maine State Prison Hospice Conference"

Listen: Brothers' Keepers: End of Life Care in Maine State Prison, Part 1 
 Susan Sharon, MPBN News

Listen: Brothers' Keepers: End
of Life Care in the Maine State 
Prison, Part 2
Susan Sharon, MPBN News


                                                                        MSP Infirmary with                                                                                 nature paintings        

 Prisoners take a Hospice Class
          at Maine State Prson 

Watch: Maine State Prison Inmates Providing Hospice Care For Their Fellow Inmates
Ron Poindexter, WABI
Maine State Prison Infirmary with nature paintings
Inmates take Hospice class at Maine State Prison
$100 million plan for more efficient state prison controversialBy Daniel Hartill, Sun Journal via Bangor Daily News
Padlock Beatings
Prisoners sue Maine in padlock assaults
Portland Press Herald, Scott Dolan
Deane Brown Photo
Courtesy Lance Tapley
Natural Causes - The Opera
Prisoner's Death Inspires New Opera
Abigail Curtis, Bangor Daily News
George Swanson
George Swanson — a musician, priest and prison advocate who lives in Southwest Harbor — has written a folk opera called “Natural Causes Killed Victor” that is based on reports and letters from inmates that surround the death of inmate Victor Valdez.
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez before he was sent to Maine State Prison, where he died in 2009. (Courtesy of: Olga Rivera)

Skip Fraley
Skip Fraley 
will play the
Natural Causes Killed Victor  
 Aug 22 and 23 , 2014 at 7:30 at 
St. Saviour's, Bar Harbor, Maine 
REFLECTJoe Carter Films on You Tube
ME Sentencing Guidelines
Review Needed
MDOC Staff Sentenced/Accused
Prison captain fired, but later reinstated, after pepper spraying inmate
Confrontation caught on video provides rare glimpse inside Maine prison

Corrections officer's actions to be reviewed
David Hench, Portland Press Herald

Windham prison guard's reinstatement poorly thought-out decision
William King, former federal prison investigator

Legislators grill Corrections chief on use-of-force incidents
David Hench, Portland Press Herald

Shocking Video from Maine Prison Shows a Restrained Prisoner Being Tortured with Pepper Spray 
By Maggie Heim, Carl Takei, & Eric Balaban, ACLU

Captain’s vengeance backfired in Windham pepper spray incident  
Renee Ordway, Bangor Daily News

Maine officials seeking pepper-spray video leak
David Hench Portland Press Herald

Prison leak probe looks for the wrong problem
Portland Press Herald Editorial

Video Shows Maine Prisoner with Mental Illness Brutally Subdued by Guards 
Lisa Dawson, Solitary Watch
Listen: Maine Prison Guard Charged in Alleged Inmate Assault,Jay Field, MPBN (with advocates comments)
Maine State Prison guard Cutler accused of assaulting, causing cuffed inmate to fall
Holly Edwards, PenBay Pilot  (more details plus court date)
 MSP Captain Cutler arrested
MSP Captain David Cutler, 
Knox County Jail
Rare:Guard is charged  
The Portland Phoenix by Lance Tapley
MSP inmate being pepper sprayed while strapped down
Captain Shawn Welch
Capt.Shawn Welch
MSP Inmate being pepper sprayed while strapped down
Maine inmate may file lawsuit over restraint, pepper-spraying The treatment of Paul Schlosser III at the Windham prison was exposed when a department security video was aired. 
David Hench, Portland Press Herald
Current, former York County corrections officers indicted, Sheriff:Officers charged in connection with distribution of contraband at jail
by Ken Keithley, WMTW-TV
The Commissioner of Corrections (Terri-Ann Anderson) and the Warden of the Maine State Prison (Andra Peele) look down at 
the dead body of Victor Valdez (Tarzan Munson).

Photo Credit Anne Wetzel
Sorry, inmate. Your blog is now illegal.
by Daniel Rivero